The Shop

Spin Fusion originally opened September 15, 2010. After we moved to a different state I put the shop on hold, and almost three years later I’m thrilled to get it opened again. It’s been fun meeting other indie fiber artists and my customers on Ravelry , and a few in person. I love to see my customers happy with their Spin Fusion fiber or yarn, and I really enjoy seeing what they create with it. With every batt I card, I wonder what it would look like spun up, and what method I would use to spin it. Sometimes my customers are extra awesome, and post photos of their finished yarn on Ravelry. It’s always interesting to see how they decided to spin it, and it’s always different than what I would have done, but it’s always beautiful!

I never realized how much time and effort went into making yarn and fiber until I started doing it myself: washing and dyeing raw fleece, dyeing rovings, carding batts, and spinning the yarn. When I finish a yarn that started out as raw wool I feel like I know that yarn personally. It’s like watching a baby grow up. I’ve been there from the beginning, helping it along the way through all of the stages of the process. I know the yarn’s quirks and personality, and sometimes I’m surprised at how it turns out at the end. It makes it a little difficult to part with, but I know that someone else will get to know it like I did, and hopefully they will enjoy it like I did.